Are the SAW movies going dull?

November 4, 2008 at 8:32 am (Movies) (, , , , )

 Are the SAW movies going dull?  That’s what a whole lot of people are asking after watching SAW V.  This movie left off where SAW IV ended.  Detective Hoffman we find out is Jigsaw’s apprentice.  We find out the whole story about how he became Jigsaw’s apprentice.  Agent Straham knows that Hoffman is involved so he chases after Hoffman for the entire movie.  In between is another one of Jigsaw’s games, but it’s one that was set up by Hoffman.  The movie ends with Hoffman and Straham facing each other, but Hoffman escapes while the room closes in on Straham.  The movie ends as Hoffman gets away. 

While this is an interesting ending it really wasn’t all it was hyped up to be.  We were all expecting something huge to happen to make us want to see SAW VI next year, but all it did was make us get up out of the movie and say,  “These movies just don’t have the excitement anymore.” 

Remember the end of SAW I?  The last thing I thought was going to happen was Jigsaw end up being the guy that was in the middle of the floor that was there for the whole movie.  SAW II with the shocking ending where Eric Matthews’ son was in a safe place like Jigsaw promised and we got introduced to an apprentice for Jigsaw.  Since then it’s gone downhill.  SAW III‘s ending was just as suspense filled watching Jigsaw and Amanda die at the very end. SAW IV‘s ending was good, but adding another apprentice is kinda sketchy.  Now the latest ending of SAW V was not that exciting and is just kind of making the story drag on.  Yes, the game during the movie was amusing, but not that creative.  Any idiot could see that at the second level the tunnels they had to go to could fit more than one person.  And the same key could unlock all of the locks in the first level.  It was amusing and filled with blood and gore that we all love from these movies, but all in all it was rather disappointing.  The creators need a way to spice up for the final movie otherwise tons of people are going to be disappointed for the anticipated excitemnt of the final movie in the SAW series.


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The Boeing 787

April 16, 2008 at 2:56 am (Airplanes) (, , , , )

Ladies and Gentleman I give you the Boeing 787.  The future of flying.  Was rolled out for the first time on July 8, 2007.  07/08/07.  Not yet expected to be with the airlines until 2009.  In 2009 25 of these beautiful planes are expected to be delivered.  You want one of your own?  Get out your wallets then and hand over $115 million.  That’s how much it would cost you.  All right got that?  You want it to be delivered?  Well you will be waiting until at least the year 2015 because 857 of these bad boys have already been ordered.  Expected to carry 250 passengers and be way more fuel effecient, the 787 is no doubt going to be the biggest thing to hit the U.S since………well the Boeing 777.

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Big weekend in the MAC.

February 3, 2008 at 8:03 pm (Sports)

What a weekend it was for MAC basketball perhaps the biggest story is Toledo taking down Kent State.  Down 56-51 with less than a minute to go Tyrone Kent of the Rockets was fouled shooting a 3-pointer and made all three free throws to make it 56-54.  With 26 seconds left Toledo got a tip in to tie the games.  Then Kent State brought it down, but it was stolen by Toledo’s  Jonathan Avery with four seconds left and he dunked the ball with 00.1 seconds on the clock to give Toledo the big win as the Rockets go to 4-4 in the MAC West.  Kent State falls to 6-2 in the MAC East and with the 5-2 Akron, Ohio, and Bowling Green watching that they knew they needed to win. 

Western Michigan was able to take care of Bowling Green 64-50 and continue to lead the MAC West.  Bowling Green remains a game out of first in the MAC East at 5-3.  Akron dominated Eastern Michigan at home 80-61 and Ohio on the road in Northern Illinois showed no mercy winning 73-55 on the road.  So Kent State, Akron, and Ohio are now all tied up in first in the MAC East.  Miami extended their winning streak to 3 as they beat Ball State on the road.  And yes, Buffalo lost again in Central Michigan, but they took it to double overtime to show they tried to put up a fight.  So now the MAC is getting a little more interesting as three times are tied in the MAC East we will see what happens as this week begins.

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MAC Basketball

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The college basketball season is well underway and things are heating up in the MAC conference.  Kent State remains on top in the MAC with a 6-1 record.  They have been unstoppable at home as they are now 11-0 at home this season.  Their one loss in the MAC came on the road at Ohio.  Their most recent win came against East Michigan witha  final of 77-67 in Ypsilanti, Michigan.  They have the team and the talent to win the MAC this year, but will still face a few tests before the season ends.  Their toughest games left are a game against Ohio in Kent State and a road game at Akron.  But don’t count out other MAC teams as anything can happen.

Akron survived a tough battle in the first half against Toledo at home, but wound up winning 68-52.  They trailed by 5 at the half, but outscored the Rockets 40-19 in the second half to go to 5-2 in the MAC.  While Akron is a good team they are shaky at times.  A loss at home to Portland State early in the season had most fans counting Akron out, but they have come out strong, but with close wins against Buffalo and Ohio.  They still have tough games coming up at West Michigan and at Ohio.  They also have a home game against Kent State.  This will be a chance for Akron to prove if they have what it takes to win the MAC, especially since they had a really tough road loss at Central Michigan a week ago.

Then comes the Ohio Bobcats who also have a 5-2 record in the MAC.  After a shaky 1-2 start in the conference the Bobcats are riding a four game winning streak after beating Central Michigan 62-47 in Athens and are going into Northern Illinois this weekend.  They need to prove themselves on the road because this is where Ohio struggles most in the MAC.  The Convo has been good to OU as they have not lost there yet this year, but had a close 2 point win over Ball State at home.  Ohio has a team of talent with one of the MAC’s best players in Leon Williams who had yet another double-double in their most recent game.  Now Ohio takes to the road for two games and they need to prove they can win on the road if they want a shot at the MAC title.

Western Michigan once again leads the MAC West, but in the MAC that’s not saying much.  Their first battle against a MAC East team was against Kent State in which the Broncos couldn’t pull through.  Their most recent game was at Buffalo when they prevailed 100-90 after going to two overtimes.  While this is a good win on the road it’s against a Buffalo team who are 0-7 in the MAC this year.  They will have to prove themselves as they play the rest of the MAC East teams in the next few weeks and it won’t be easy.

Without a doubt Bowling Green has been a surprise team this year.  After being 3-13 in the MAC last year they have started this year with a 5-2 record in the MAC.  After suffering a humiliating 80-44 loss to Akron, BGSU is on a three game winning streak after winning at Ball State  63-53.  Now they take that streak to Western Michigan where they will have a tough game to play.  Not to mention they still have to play at Miami and at Ohio so their road to the MAC title on’t be easy.

The defending MAC champion Miami Redhawks find themselves with a losing record in the conference at 3-4.  After going 1-4 against fellow MAC East teams they have won the past two against the MAC West teams Eastern Michigan and Northern Illinois.  While they are trying to get their record back on track they will still have to go through the MAC East again with their toughest road game at Kent State.  Not to mention they will still have to play at Western Michigan to round out the MAC West games.  This will not be easy for them as they have just three road wins this season and only one of those is the in the MAC.

This rounds out the top half of the MAC as far as standings go.  The rest of the MAC consists of the constantly losing MAC West.  Central Michigan had a noticeable win against Akron, but they will need a lot more than that.  Below them are Eastern Michigan, Toledo, Northeren Illinois, and Ball State who constantly feed wins to the MAC East.  Then at the bottom of the MAC is Buffalo who have jsut not played well at all, they can’t seem to find a way to win.  No wins against the MAC teams this season.  Their most notable win would probably be a double digit win against Tulane or a win against South Florida, both at home.  No road wins for Buffalo however so don’t expect much out of this team anymore this year.  Pray that your not the first MAC team to lose to them.  Just as the Ravens wished they weren’t the first loss to the Dolphins.

So who will win the MAC?  That’s never a clear answer.  Statistically I would have to give it to the Kent State Golden Flashes, but as Miami proved last year you don’t have to have a good MAC record to go the dance.  Akron will be looking for revenge after going 26-7 last year and getting snubbed from going to the dance after Miami beat them.  The Bobcats have a legitimate chance as well.  If they play like they did against Maryland then look out Cleveland because the Bobcats will be rolling at the Quicken Loans Arena.  Then there is Bowling Green who surprises everyone by being good this year could they make us even more shocked by pulling out with the MAC title?  Miami could ride their freak train through Cleveland again like they did last year, but don’t count on it.  The only other MAC team that has a chance I’d say would be West Michigan if they could prove to us that the MAC West isn’t completely worthless.  Other than that it would be nothing short of a miracle if any other team won, especially Buffalo.

My prediction right now?  Ohio and Kent State are the top two contenders for it, but Ohio beat Kent State in their only meeting this year so give the edge to them.  If Ohio can win at Kent State and keep that rolling in the MAC tournament, then say hello to the 2008 MAC Champions.

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